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Renewable Energy Interactive Graphics

Scientific American

I worked on a freelance basis to develop the interactive visualizations to accompany an article that appeared in Scientific American about the effect of renewable energy on water usage and job creation. The published article can be seen here.

German Election Visual Article


A visual article I wrote and designed using different data sources to relate the German political parties to American ones and provide context for Americans wanting to understand news about the upcoming election. See the article here and my follow-up blog about some additional analysis I did related to this project here.

Daily Charts


My primary task at FiveThirtyEight has been to create charts and tables to accompany daily articles. The data for the articles arrives in various states; often it can be handled with a simple line chart or table while other times it requires more involved design and Python plotting libraries or QGIS. Eventually all the charts make their way into Illustrator for their final tweaks.

Election Watcher Application

Injustice Watch

Election Watcher is a work in progress that I started for Injustice Watch and continue to work on. It has two parts: The first is the end goal, a working prototype of an iOS app that will provide profiles of Cook County judges and eventually all elected officials and news related to these officials. The second part is the database that this iOS app uses and the web app where information can be entered into it. My goal was to make an easy to use interface for Injustice Watch reporters and interns to be able to enter new elected officials and their relationships to other entities and have this information more or less instantaneously reflected in the mobile application.

Jail or Treatment Interactive Article

Injustice Watch

In this article I visualized data from the Treatment Advocacy Center on the relationship between the declining availability of in-patient mental health care in the United States and the abundance of individuals with severe mental illness currently in jail. The interactive D3 visualizations are divided into three sections, are accompanied with an article on the issue. Article here.

Unequal Treatment Data Journalism and Interactives

Injustice Watch

I served as the primary data analyst for these two articles, supporting the work of the team of reporters on this series. At the beginning of this project I was given a snapshot of the inmates in the Cook County Jail on a single day and by the end I was working on linking the records of individuals from three different branches of the Cook County criminal justice system. While it was only possible to link a fraction of the records in the available time, other findings came out of these three data sets and appear in two articles from the "Unequal Treatment"  series, "Jail Roulette" and "Bent on Bail." The series won the "Best Online Series" award from the Chicago Headline Club.